School Supply List
Ruler with cm & inches
Clipboard Pencil box--Regular size
Pocket folders--4
Kleenexes--3 boxes
1/2" binder with clear pocket on front
1 1/2" binder
Crayons (5 boxes of 24 packs)
Pencils (2 big boxes)
Glue sticks (6 sticks)
Composition Notebooks--2 (Please get different colors)

Please put your child's name on everything except the crayons, pencils, glue sticks, and Kleenexes. We share these items so it is not necessary. It is also not necessary to buy fancy pencils or glue sticks because we do share them and it can cause a fight. Thank you for helping us out.

Remember that school starts August 25th, 2008. Please have school supplies
here and ready to go the first day of school if possible.

external image supplies.JPG
external image supplies.JPG